Product Description
Aluminum ingotsApplications
1. mainly used for melting ingot
2. discontinuous melting with scrap
3. easy control and operation
4. fast melting
5. Used for industry such as automobile,pinning and weaving,electron broadly, etc.

The main models are: AL99.99, AL99.85, AL99.70A, AL99.70, AL99.60, AL99.50, AL99.00
Aluminum is a silver-white metal, ranking third only after oxygen and silicon in the crust. Aluminum is also called light metal,because its density is only 34.61% of iron and 30.33% of copper. Aluminum is one kind of non-ferrous metal in the world only less than iron and steel in production and consumption. The density of aluminium is only 2.7103g/cm3, which is about one third of the density of steel, copper or brass.

Because of its light material, aluminium is often used in the manufacture of land, sea and air vehicles such as automobiles,trains, subway, ships, aircraft, rockets, spacecraft, etc. to reduce self-weight and increase load.


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